Bar Paco

Sella´s liveliest Bar 

Paco´s is in the main square, the Plaza Mayor, and although it´s small and a bit cramped, is the ONLY place to watch the big football games on TV and perhaps the best place in the village to try the local tapas. Mª Amparo will do Merluza ( hake) in batter (“espardenyas“), Patatas Bravas . spicy!, salads, prawns, and whatever else she has  on offer. Always hot, always well done, always served with a smile and promptly.

This is the unofficial headquarters of the Hunting Society and is the unofficial centre of Sella. No need to say more! Oh yes, sweets and ice-cream on sale as well. Of course!


Bar Paco – the menu
There´s sometimes a blackboard on the wall saying what she´s got, and the choice is always wider at the weekend, but here´s what you can usually get from about 11.00 in the morning till about 3:30 and then from about 7:30 till about 10:00. ( earlier in the morning you can always get toast or a sandwich:  “Una media tostada” or ” una bocata...” This menu, in Valencian and English,  is available in the bar.

Tapes variades i bon café – Asssortment of Tapas and good coffee
Valencià Castellano English
Espardenya Merluza Hake in batter
Creilles Braves Patatas bravas Chips in a hot sauce
Calamars a la romana Calamares a la romana Squid rings in batter
Croquetes Croquetas Croquettes (ham or fish)
Gambetes Gambitas Deep fried small prawns
Tonyina a la planxa Atún a la plancha Fresg Tuna fried on a griddle
Carn amb salsa Carne con salsa Meat ( pork) in a tomato sauce
Peixet Pescaditos little fish, deep fried
Sang Sangre Onions and blood and herbs
Fetge Higado Liver
Montaditos variats Montaditos variados Small open sandwiche