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Bar Casino in the Plaza Mayor

Good food in Sella’s grandest bar / restaurant. Called The Casino bar – it once was – Toni and Isa prepare food in what used to be the Baronial Palace, which explains the huge doors and high ceilings. It’s just next to the church and also has a small dining room in Sella’s old Dungeon room.

They   serve excellent meals, steaks, Swordfish, home-made burgers, special salads – with the indoor patio for smokers, the ample dining space inside and tables and chairs outside in the Plaza, the Casino lacks for nothing.

The Casino Bar is open all year round from 8:00 in the morning ( closed Tuesdays). As with Paco’s, Toni and Isa have a few weeks holiday every year. The Casino is usually closed for a few weeks at the ned of May and Paco usually shuts up shop for most of the month of June. This means they are all rested and refreshed for the busy late nights of the summer season!

The Menu at Ca IsaiToni
Toni is proud of the meals on offer, ” Cocina Mediterranea” is what it is, prepared with products from the area around Sella. such as the specialities listed below,. You can always get a sandwich or what´s known as a “Plato combinado” – egg and chips or chop and vegetables, that sort of thing. Look out for the tapas on display at the bar and be sure that if you have lamb chops or a steak or entrecot here, the meat will be of the highest quality – Tony is fussy!

Wines and drinks
The house red ( a la mancha) is excellent and economical but Toni also has Riojas and other DO ( demoninación de Origen) wines – ask him!

Isa i Toni´s – The Menu
Castellano English
Chuletas de Cordero Lamb chops
Ternera Beef
Cerdo Pork
Pollo Chicken
Embutidos Cooked meats, chorizos etc
Pescado, Emperador etc Swordfish
Sepia a la plancha Cuttlefish on the griddle with a green sauce
Gambas al ajillo Prawns in garlic
Lubina a la espalda Butterflied Sea Bass
Caldero de pescado Fish broth
Cocido con pelotas Traditional Sella stew with dumplings
Paletilla de Cordero al horno Roasted Lamb shank
Solomillo a la Salsa de Roquefort Solomillo in a Roquefort sauce
Paella de Verduras con Bacalao Vegetable Paella with fish