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Aitana Aventures

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We are climbing guides. I’ve been doing it all my life. We know all of our routes and crags. In fact we have been active in equipping and opening of many routes throughout the Costa Blanca. Nothing better than going with local instructors to choose the most suitable route according to your abilities, aspirations or weather. We also have special group accommodation just 5 minutes from the walls.

Basic course climbing

6 full days of practical instruction, all in one week, including accommodation or in 3 consecutive weekends if you prefer. To learn the game, to find out for sure and fun.

Guided Climbing classic

We’ve enjoyed Sella’s sport routes for some time, but I’d love to start you off on the  classic big traditional routes and mountains of our country: Together we will choose the routes and areas that interest you and prepare a proposal.

Climbing “sampler”

How to know if you like if you’ve never tried it? Without further commitments and expenditures. A first contact with the rock and ropes, climbing the straightforward way for children and the not so young, couples, groups and schools. One day morning or full day with all necessary equipment, lunch and transportation. You just have to put yourself forward!