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Website: www.villapico.comzicht op Sella
Telephone:  00 34 965 879 238 Mobile: 00 34 660008693


Friendliness, atmosphere, tranquility, view and enjoy the village.

Up in the Calle Cirineo, the highest street of Sella, overlooking the surrounding area, lies Villa Pico. This typical village house has its own atmosphere and, because it is built on the mountain, has typical cosy areas to enjoy.  We make every effort   so your active and / or relaxing holiday is a success. In Villa Pico you are at home and you feel you are a resident of Sella.

There are five different rooms and from the terraces there is the overwhelming view to the mountains and the sea.
Villa Pico has 5 different rooms with private facilities.
The rooms vary in price and are large enough to place an extra bed.
Villa Pico is non-smoking, but outside on the terrace you can enjoy your cigarette.
We don’t allow pets.
Remco is the new manager and works closely with Las Casas del Raval de Sella and Steve and Liz to make sure your group can be accommodated in the village.